Monday, January 28

Team Membership, Licensing, Training, and UCI ProTour Begins

Well, I've read last week's Cyclist's Training Bible -- twice, and I've identified my strengths and weaknesses (I think). I'm good on the sprint, powering up short hills at high cadence, and I've got good speed-skills and footwork. I'm weak on long-term muscular endurance, as per maintaining time-trial tempo for significant amounts of time, and I am really not very good at all on the hills. I just don't have the force and endurance for protracted hard efforts like that. So, my training will focus mainly on endurance for now, with long rides of about 2 hours on the trainer, weekly. Later on I'll increase intensity to around lactate threshold, and once it gets nice out I'll work on hill repeats up at Mount A. Weight training for my legs will also help.

In other news, this week I signed up for the NorEast Cycling Team. I had talked to a few of their guys last September at the Portsmouth Criterium, they seems pretty cool, and I've only heard good things about them. Plus they are really local, right in Durham which is a short ride away from where I am (only 4 towns away). So, that's pretty exciting, and I am looking forward to whatever being a member entails. I am expecting my team kit and USCF racing license to come in the mail at some point this week.

Also, the first race of the UCI ProTour ended just the other day, here are the video highlights of the very exciting final day:

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