Friday, December 4

Local Group Rides

This page is way out of date. I just don't do group rides any more, partly because of the extreme amount of crap that groups have been getting from the cops, and from car-people. Both of the Portsmouth/Rye rides got pulled over by the police in September, a couple people even got arrested on one ride. There have been problems with drivers being malicious towards group rides. The 2009 Seacoast century was a complete and total shit-show; there were something like 4000 riders, and they were basically all jackasses. I'm just not interested in large group rides.

I am, however, totally in favor of riding bikes around with a couple friends. If you just want to go for a ride, please feel free to contact me.

Originally, I had hoped this page would get some more feedback from local riders, and that people would submit their rides and I would keep the page updated. If anyone wants to start a collaborative-effort page about local seacoast New Hampshire-and-around group bike rides, please let me know. In the mean time, watch this space, and I'll probably eventually add some links to the local shops' group ride pages. Of course it's December as I post this, so it may be a couple months before anything interesting happens.

This is from Summer 2008--I can't guarantee non-defunctness on many of these. On the other hand, please do let me know of any rides that you know of.

Please include:
  • day
  • time
  • meet location
  • relative or absolute level (speed/distance/time)
  • any other details or requirements
I'll try and get out there and ride your rides and post about 'em!

So I guess people are wondering about local group bike rides, particularly out of Prescott Park. I hit up the seacoast area bike shops and chased down any group rides I happened to come across in an effort to put together a list of local rides:


  • 5:15pm @ Daily Grind, York Beach
  • 5:45pm @ Exeter Cycle - 18mph, 30+ miles, no drops

  • 6:15pm @ Gus' Bike - moderate pace, 20-30 miles, no drops


  • 5:30pm @ South Berwick Post Office
  • 5:45pm @ Exeter Cycle - "Wednesday Night Worlds" - 25+mph, 40+ miles, drop=bike home alone
  • 5:30pm @ Prescott Park - Granite State Wheelmen "Slouch Potato Ride" - easy cruise to Rye Harbor, full-on race home. Wicked fun. ~20mi
  • 6pm @ Rye Foreign Auto Works



  • 9am @ Bicycle Bob's - 30-40 miles, no drops
  • 9am @ Lee Traffic Circle -
These are just a few that I've heard about so the descriptions might be a bit fuzzy. And of course one person's moderate pace is another's leg-breaker--I'll try and make an effort to check out every ride at least once or twice and give a more objective description.

If you know of any other local group rides that I've missed, please leave a comment with the days, times, distances and any other pertinent information, and I'll add it to the list.

Thank you Josh "Monster Jam" Austin for the additional information.


Josh A said...

Monday nights from Exeter Cycles are easy group rides. I think 18mph average. 30+ miles. 5:45pm

Wed. nights from Exeter Cycles are Wed. Night Worlds. Fast. You get dropped, you ride alone. 25+mph average. 40+ miles. 5:45pm

Saturday from PDubs (papa wheelies) at, I believe, 8am. Not sure of the time, but it's an easier pace.

Chad Young said...

Just as an update, Monday nights at Exeter are no longer ridden. However, they typically have a sunday morning ride around 8:45 out of the shop that goes 60+ miles.

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