Friday, May 16

. . . Not Averted

road rash bicycle crashI picked this doosie up the other day. That's my left waist and hip; it is hard to tell from the picture. The cause was an untimely bike mechanical, only this time it was luck instead of skill that kept the emergency from being a calamity.

After pulling myself off the shoulder of the road, the first thing I did was inspect my helmet. As blogger/cyclist Sprinter Della Casa will tell you, you can have a head injury without realizing it. My helmet and head were undamaged, so fortunately I did not learn a lesson about the importance of helmet usage. Next, I assessed my bleeding situation, taking slow, deep breaths to lower my heart rate and relax. Bones seemed to be working okay . . . looks like fairly cosmetic damage--just road rash (if a fairly severe case of it) but nothing jagged or pokey or muscley hanging out. No increased pain on movement. Liquids were mostly oozing and not really gushing. So: head--check; bones--check; major veins and arteries--check.

Then came the eight-mile ride home (and a brief pit-stop at Rite-Aid) with my new friend, the gaping maw on my hip. The pain of a fresh, mostly cosmetic wound isn't too much more than the pain you can put in to your legs when turning the big gears for a long time, I think. The only difference is you can't turn it off.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Bactine, Neosporine, gauze. I should have taken pictures of the whole process, and done this post as How-To: Home Surgery for the Uninsured. It would have been fun.

Now I am going to have to decide how to handle my very naughty Tachikoma. It skipped as if it was missing a cog on the cassette, when I laid my weight in to the pedal--but it has all its cogs. It's hard to analyze something like that when it happens in a split second and is over before you're aware of it, but it was as if the pedals lost their tension on the chain. Maybe it was a mis-shift on the chainring--but it didn't drop down to the small ring.

I don't know.

I'm off of riding for a while. Ironically, Bike-To-Work Week will have been the first week that I didn't bike to work.

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