Monday, May 19

Cycling Style: ASSOS

When I checked my mail this weekend, I was surprised to find a package postmarked from Switzerland. I had forgotten all about the ASSOS catalog I had sent away for several months ago--it finally arrived, with a Zurich post mark and everything. It came just in time, as I need something bike-related to stimulate me while I take time off my bike to recover from my bike crash injuries.

ASSOS is a brand of high-end cycling apparel. The type of stuff that has very specific washing instructions, and you have to use their own proprietary brand of soap, or else . . . Or else I don't know what. I think having a set of ASSOS cycling apparel is probably like having an Armani suit or something. I wouldn't get one, because I'd ruin it in the first week I got it, but the catalog sure is pretty.

ASSOS modelThe ASSOS catalog has an austere design, mainly white and black, to highlight the products and content. Moody models show off the perfect fit of the lycra jerseys and bibshorts. It also has a lot of the sort of statistical stuff that doesn't really mean anything to me. I don't know how they can say "23% less volume" or "18% more muscle compression" in all seriousness. I guess that's what justifies 120% the price. But I'm obviously just complaining because I'm jealous. The stuff looks good--real good. And ASSOS does have a reputation as the finest, most comfortable cycling apparel in the world.

That is, if you're in to that sort of thing. Some people are not in to the road-cyclist style, spandex and tight jerseys and such, and I respect that. I've mentioned my admiration for Copenhagen Cycle Chic before--"style over speed." But as for me, and what I like to wear . . . I'll be ogling the ASSOS catalog for the next couple of days.

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