Monday, February 11

Getting Sick, Getting Psyched

I've really wrung every last bit of knowledge out of that Training Bible, having read it for the third time this week. Coming to the end of it is like coming to the end of a good novel; I just don't want it to end. I guess it's pretty nerdy to feel wistful about nonfiction, but whatever. I started a weight lifting regime this week, to help build a baseline of force which I can improve on the bike once spring comes, so that's pretty exciting. Unfortunately around mid-week I was starting to feel a bit lazy, or at least, I thought I was feeling lazy, so I pushed myself to go to the gym anyway, and as it turns out I just needed some rest because I was getting sick. I sort of saw it coming, but this weekend I feel pretty crappy, sore throat, fever, staying in bed, that sort of thing. I'll take it easy this week until I feel optimal again.

Ah, but there was more excitement this week, as Versus aired their preview, with Phil Liggett announcing, of the 2008 Amgen Tour of California. I couldn't even sit still for the excitement as they did the team profiles (Yay Slipstream, Boo Rock Racing)! And I can't get over this video clip of the final stage of last year's Tour. The day was won by Ivan Domiquez, a Cuban who defected while on a goodwill tour 10 years ago. But look at this move by Graeme Brown's Rabobank Team in the orange along the right side. He didn't win, but man, that move gets me hot. I like sprints. I mean... I really, like sprints.

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