Monday, March 17

Bicycling & The Law

Anyone who has ever put in any regular mileage on a bike has dealt with some sort of legal issue--lights at night, crashes, theft, harassment by motorists, that sort of thing. It's often hazy where you legally stand as a cyclist, and where your rights fall. Somewhere between a motorist and a pedestrian, but closer to a motorist, I guess.
This week, I got a copy of Bicycling and the Law: Your Rights as a Cyclist. The book is organized in to chapters and categories based on situations that cyclists might find themselves in, and outlines the relevant laws, including historical precedence for possible scenarios. The book covers topics like motor pacing, bike theft, harassment, helmet laws, headphone laws, and what to do if your bike can't trigger a traffic light. As you put on miles, eventually a legal question will inevitably rise, either because of an event such as a crash, or just by general curiosity. Bicycling and the Law is the ultimate reference for the legal aspects of cycling--if you ever have a question on your legal footing in a dispute, this is your go-to.

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