Monday, March 3

Marching On...

It's March now, and that can only mean one thing -- impending spring. Yea, right. While we here in New England can absolutely count on there being further snowstorms, the races are on in Europe, with the Paris-Nice being the next major one. I probably won't follow the race very attentively for a couple of reasons, first because race organizer is the ASO, the same organizer as the Tour de France, so the Astana Team, fresh off their victory, are not invited. Incidentally, last year's Paris-Nice winner was Alberto Contador, who also won last year's Tour de France, and rides for Astana.
Second, I'm in the process of moving, so I don't have a television or the kind of time it takes to watch via live internet feed. Unfortunately I'm also pretty stressed by the move, and aside from having less time to train, I really don't feel up to it. However, in the long term I feel pretty good, so I am not too concerned about losing fitness. I feel about as strong now as I did last June.
But back to the bike racing thing, what the hell: going for a ride for fun because the weather is comedically bad is one thing, but seriously racing in this stuff? I guess that's what separates guys like Bernard Hinault (here shown going on a solo break in the 1980 Liège-Bastogne-Liège,) and me.

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