Wednesday, July 30

Gus' Bike Sale

The following letter arrived in my mailbox recently:


You are invited!

Gus' International Bicycle Shop is closing its doors forever!

We want you to be the first to know, after 27 years serving the Greater Seacoast communities, I decided to retire and close the store. We will start a RETIREMENT -- STORE CLOSING SALE at once to sell out our entire inventory of top quality bicycles, exercise equipment, clothing, shoes, and accessories for the entire family. Every price will be cut for this gigantic storewide event -- Even the store fixtures and equipment for sale!


We look forward to seeing you,

Deborah Bocko and all your friends from Gus'


Deb is the wife of the original owner John Bocko who died of a quick cancer last year, so her decision to retire doesn't come as a great shock. But still--sucks. Since the first time I went to Gus', I've been posting pretty much weekly about how awesome they are. We'll have to just wait and see what happens to the shop--there is a slight rumor that someone might buy the name as well, and another, similar bike shop with a different owner and some/most of the same talented mechanics.

On the other hand, there is a killer sale going on. They are selling stuff, no kidding, cheaper than the internet. Check it out. Stock up on tubes and waterbottles or whatever. And there is like a prize give-away thing, too. Fill out one of these things and go to the shop and you get sweet deals, it's kind of easy.

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