Monday, July 7

Six Months In

Today marks six months since my first blog post. Looking back, did you know that I used to have goals, and some sort of training plan? Wow! Those got left on the wayside, I guess. Now I just bike how I feel. I don't use my Heart Rate Monitor anymore (It doesn't work the majority of the time), and I don't use my cyclocomputer either. I really feel like the computer's just for masturbation (wow, look how fast I went) and I'm less interested in power outputs than I am in how I am doing compared to the guy next to me. The wattage I'm mainly concerned about here is on my electric bill. Incidentally, for those of you in New Hampshire, PSNH just upped their rates.

Thor Husholvd, Credit Agricole, Stage two winner, 2008 Tour de FranceBut enough of all that. It's July. Le Tour. If you're reading this, then it's likely you know more about the Tour than I do. I don't have a TV so I have to watch at the local dive bar. A skinny internet/bike nerd watching bike races is apparently alarming for the grizzled [motor] biker dudes and barflies at three in the afternoon, especially when I go to the juke box and play every bicycling-related song I can think of.

Or maybe you have no idea, and would like to have some vague notion of what is happening when you see it while flipping through the channels. Here's a bit about the Tour de France from Joe Silva:
Whether you own a $10,000 carbon road bike or just have an old 3-speed rusting in a corner, you may be like most Americans: clueless about the Tour. Well pull on your bike shorts, wax your legs and prepare for the ride of your life. Here are some common questions and answers about the Tour de France. [Full Article]

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