Monday, July 21

Working Man's Stage Race: Pictures & Stuff

Generally I try to do pictures with my blog posts, but I didn't get much chance last week--while I did have a great view of the action from where I was, I didn't have much time to snap any shots. Here is what I got from the team, thank you Karen Higgins--
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Felt S32 Time Trial Bike, Exeter CycleSteve Bauermeister's Felt S32. The wheels are probably worth twice as much as the rest of the bike, each. This is the bike that won the indivitual time trial in my field.

race numbers

I taped the race numbers of the top non-NorEast contenders to my stem, so I could mark them if they tried to break away. You just have to remember that the best time to read them is not while cornering hard and in the middle of the group.

breaking away

Rule #1: Never Look Back

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