Wednesday, September 17

How to Host a Criterium: Portsmouth

These things don't just happen--someone needs to host them. The Portsmouth Criterium is hosted by my Team, NorEast Cycling, and is one of the biggest races in New England, with thousands of spectators.

Unfortunately, with thousands of people milling about in the middle of a bike race, you can't count on people not to haphazardly walk out in to the fray and cause a major issue. Some people are like squirrels in this regard, I guess.

Anyway, we need course marshals (that's course marshal, not court-martial) to make sure people don't cross the streets at stupid times. Basically you just stand there and tell people when not to cross. It's easy. Also you are guaranteed a front-row seat to the race, which is pretty key when six thousand other people are all straining to see what's going on.

Also there's an after party and I think there's free pizza from the Flatbread Co or something. Even the rumor of free pizza is enough to entice/incite me.

For more information about volunteering to be a course marshal, see the Portsmouth Criterium volunteer page.

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