Monday, September 8


One of my goals when I started cycling this year was to complete a century ride, 100 miles. We could only manage about 60 miles in May for the Tour de Cure on account of the weather. So I've registered for the Seacoast Century--a 100-mile loop about the New Hampshire Seacoast to include York Beach, Maine and Newburyport, Massachusetts. This is coming up in just two weeks, on the 20th, the day before the Portsmouth Criterium.

Yesterday I went on a training/recon mission with a couple friends, a 60-mile loop down the seacoast to Newburyport and back up through Amesbury, Exeter, and Greenland. When we stopped in Newburyport, we all said, "wow, this ride was a lot faster than I had planned, I was hoping we'd go be going slower." It's funny. There seems to be some dynamic to the ride that it goes faster and harder than any of its participants want it to.

And the other thing is that my heartrate was pegged while I was sitting in at like 20mph, which is ridiculous. I have been slobbing about the house way too much the last month or so, and lost all my endurance. So, this 100-miler should be interesting.

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