Tuesday, October 7

Hanging It Up

It was about this time last year that I hung up my bike in the garage and called it a season. I'd had enough of biking, it was getting cold out, the roads were going to be icy soon, it gets dark at like two in the afternoon, and . . . really I was just all biked out. I've felt the same way now for several weeks--with the exception of the Seacoast Century and maybe one training ride leading up to it, I haven't done any significant cycling in quite a few weeks.

But then, in January--in fact, right when I started this blog--my interest in cycling sprung back to life of its own accord. It's in my blood. It may go dormant for a while, but I don't fear that I've completely lost interest for it like I have with so many other hobbies in the past.

I have a barely perceptible tingle in my metaphorical throat, which in the coming weeks I fear/hope will turn in to a full-blown fever, for which the only prescription is more . . . biking!

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