Tuesday, October 28

Honka Hoota!

It's a bit of a gambit, having a bell or horn on your bike. It's not PRO. It's not PRO at all. And we all want to be PRO. Yelling is PRO. "Ching-ching!" . . . not so much.

This summer I decided to shun conventional wisdom and purchase a Honka-Hoota. I think it's hilarious to honk at the most inopportune times. Or pretty much all the time. There is never not a good time to honk. I don't know what it is--they are just fun.

I never looked at their site though--who knew there was such a rich cultural history to the honka hoota?

The Honka Hoota was originally designed by an out of work chinese chicken sexer, Mr. Pedro Honka Da-Hoota.

He migrated to Australia and started selling contraband to the Gold miners.

He required a loud audible warning device to alert the miners working underground of his arrival.

I am not making this up, it's on their Honka Hoota history page.

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