Friday, December 5

Eminent Domain

If you live in Portsmouth, you know the one bike shop that's basically downtown is Papa Wheelie's. They have a pretty decent location, I guess. They've got a very palpable roadie attitude though, which is thoroughly dislikeable. This isn't the kind of shop you bring your beater bike to if you don't enjoy being sneered at. However, being the one bike shop "in town," they do get a lot of the "I don't know why I keep getting flats" demographic.

That's neither here nor there though. What is interesting, however, is a recent news article from the Portsmouth Herald which reports that Papa Wheelies has been pinched for eminent domain. They aren't closing for good or anything; the city isn't putting in a new fire station or anything like that. The city just needs to do some work on the sewer lines and, from what I can tell, just needs to dig up their parking lot or so, for a couple months in the winter. Papa Wheelies says this will cost them 30% of their yearly sales and needs some six figures from the city to compensate. Whatever.

In other news, there are a couple other bike shops coming in in Portsmouth, or so the rumors have told me. One is right downtown, and should looks like it will be a douchey spin-gym. The other is a small bike shop sort of near Papa Wheelies that looks like it might be pretty cool, and entirely non-douchey. Something for the townie/normal people demographic.

We'll see how these develop.

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