Tuesday, December 30

Park Tools PCS-9

Recently, a friend of mine, upon moving to across the continent to Vancouver, was disinclined to bring with him his infrequently-used Park Tools PCS-9 Repair Stand, and I inherited it. I must say, having a repair stand is pretty handy. Previously I'd either flipped the bike over or held/leaned it awkwardly or something like that. My friend has some old tubes rigged up with a tree branch in such a way as to hang the bike by the saddle. The stand will be a great boon for my home-repair endeavors. As much as I love my old bike, Tachikoma, I can't justify the expense of the bike shop to get its many problems fixed. Now I just need some tools. My emergency roadside "everything you need" tool isn't going to cut it any more. Imagine a hospital that had only bandages.

In other news, my roommate got a bike for Christmas. We went for a ride the other day around the Newcastle Loop. If the weather for the rest of the winter stays the same as it has been, winter training should be easy. Snowy days alternating with warm (40-50°F) ones force you inside for personal physical training but allow you go outside as well. At any rate, having another cyclist in the house will help keep me active with training throughout the winter.

One last thing: I've dropped down to winter scheduling for blog posts, as it was last winter. I will be on vacation next week, so do not be alarmed if there is no post; I will in two weeks!

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