Tuesday, December 16

Training With(out) Power

You may have heard of Training with Power, but training without power is something else entirely. The northeast got hit with a pretty big ice storm on Thursday night. Icy branches fell on power lines all over the seacoast New Hampshire area, leaving only a few places with electricity. My house was out of power for a while. It's not that bad just being in the dark and quiet, but the heat and hot water require electricity to start.

Fortunately my girlfriend brought me her backup heater. Behold:

If you follow the Sprinter Della Casa cycling blog then you'll have noticed that the last two or three months have been 93% kittens and 7% bicycling. Personally I like to keep my blogs remotely on topic but cats are pretty great. So, in a synergy of felines and fitness, I give you this:

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