Wednesday, May 6


Well, so far I've been posting mostly on Wednesdays. I picked the day at arbitrary, mostly. I have Tuesdays off usually, so I can get a post off by Wednesday morning no problem. The other thing that's interesting about Wednesdays is that it seems like every afternoon group bike ride is on Wednesday. The three major afternoon Wednesday group bike rides in the seacoast New Hampshire area are The Slouch Potato from Prescott Park, the Rye Foreign Auto ride, and the Wednesday Night Worlds out of Exeter Cycles.

The Slouch Potato, there's not much left to say. I've covered this Prescott Park group bike ride before. 5:30, Prescott Park, about 18 miles. I'd say that the pack is mostly made of the charity rider crowd, and the pace is pretty easy, but it's not a soft-pedaling stroll. Sponsored by Granite State Wheelmen.

The Rye Foreign Auto ride. Hmm. Maybe someone can tell me where the deuce Rye Foreign Auto is, because the only Google results I can find lead right back to here. I run in to these guys on the road a bit and I like their pace. I think the shop owner runs the ride but CCB shows up and takes it over, similar to how NorEast's Cat 5's show up and take control of the Slouch Potato.

. . . Oh. It's called Rye European Auto. Nevermind. Found it. Maybe I'll check that out tonight.

Wednesday Night Worlds. I understand this is a fun ride if you like riding by yourself, because chances are you will be immediately dropped. This is good news, because I do happen to enjoy riding by myself. My motivation while just out on the road to ride hard by myself is not very high though, so I don't think getting dumped by category 1's and 2's (and, i understand, the occasional PRO) would be terribly constructive for my training.

So there you have it. I feel like Goldilocks and the three group rides. All three are on Wednesday, all three at 5:30pm. Depending on what mood I'm in each week, each may be too fast or too slow--or just right.

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