Tuesday, November 24

Return of the Jedi

Ah. Ah ha. Yes. Cycling.

Citing a lack of funding, I have retired from racing. Maintaining equipment and paying for registrations and licensing and all that is not worth it for me, ITTET. Anyway my focus and interest in racing faded. Maybe it was the two forced weeks off the bike while out of the country. Maybe it was the distraction of the last eight months. Maybe it was the group rides in the fall got ridiculous--ignorant and aggressive police backing up ignorant and aggressive drivers made it not worthwhile to ride in groups. Further, the same cast of characters would show up and totally miss the point of a particular ride. Anyway, those are my excuses. Also my race bike got damaged in an car-versus-Giles accident.

I don't think that anyone who doesn't ride with me has noticed that I am not 'really' riding. I still have my Fuchikoma which I ride every day to work and on errands and all that crap. At least twice a week, someone wants to talk to me about bikes, or ask me about what bicycle to buy, or show me their bike. Twice this month people have inquired about my blog stickers which are still on every sign post within a ten-mile radius.

Well, whatever. Once again, distractions aside, here I am. The "well I don't really write or ride any more" thing was getting kind of boring. See, that's what I do, I get bored and change my mind.

So I think I've told everyone about this, but let me publicly announce now that I am going on a month-long bicycle tour of Vietnam, in February. In the coming months, on the blog I'll be writing about the process of preparing for the trip, equipment, all that stuff. Enjoy.

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