Wednesday, April 23

Portsmouth Bikes: Earth Day

The weather is getting nice and each day is better and better for biking. Of course, I've been biking all winter, but that's just me. The rest of Portsmouth seems to think that it's getting nice enough for sane people to bike, too, just look at the bike rack in the square:

Bike Rack, Portsmouth New Hampshire

There were like a million bikes out this past weekend. That picture wasn't even from the weekend--it was from Monday. The town of Portsmouth might have to invest in a bigger bike rack or something here pretty soon; that would go along well with Portsmouth's sustainability initiatives, too.

Maybe it's the rising gasoline prices, maybe it's for the environment, and maybe it's just because it's fun, but people around here are definitely riding their bikes more.

Portsmouth loves you. And your bike. But mostly you on your bike.

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