Friday, April 25

Thursday Ride

As I write this, the New Hampshire Cycling Club still doesn't have the results posted from my bike race last week, however, they do have some pictures up, including this one:

NorEast Cycling at the New Hampshire International SpeedwayThere's me on the far left. I don't know what's going on in this picture. I'm probably getting my ass kicked based on the look on my face.

I opted out of the races for this week so I could take it easy and rest up for my
Tour de Cure ride coming up. Instead, I took a leisurely ride with a couple of friends around Newcastle. We visited two of the historical forts and got some ice cream. Here is my five-thousand-word essay all about it:
Riding bikes through Newcastle, New hampshire
Cycling through historical forts near Portsmouth New Hampshire
Owen Thompson and Giles Cooper, Portsmouth NH
historic Fort Stark, Portsmouth, New Castle, New Hampshire
Historic Fort Stark, Portsmouth, New Castle, New Hampshire

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