Monday, April 28

Tour de Cure: One Week Left

I've got just six days until the Tour de Cure, my 100-mile ride to support diabetes research, education, information and services on Sunday, May 4th. I've made about 2/3 of my sponsorship goal so far, so we'll see what happens with that, with six days left.

The weather forecast for this week calls for rain, which is fine. I need a week off the bike anyway. I've got this tiredness deep in my legs that I can't feel until I try to put a lot of power in to them. They hurt deep inside, even though they are getting stronger. Last year, I was strongest after a week and a half of not being on my bicycle at all. Recovery is so important--taking a rest for a while helps a lot. I think this week it's more important to rest instead of training for longer mileage.

I'd just like to say thanks right now to everyone that's sponsored me so far--I've had a lot of extended family and friends that I haven't gotten a chance to see in a while that are sponsoring me. If I haven't gotten a chance to individually thank everyone, don't worry--I will. And of course next week will have a full ride report right here on the blog, and hopefully some good pictures.

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