Monday, November 10

Best of Craigslist: Portsmouth

Every once in a while I'll peruse and make a post about what's there. Yes, as a matter of fact I did pilfer the idea from BSNYC's Worst of Craiglist, however since New York City is almost twice the size of Portsmouth, there aren't enough posts for me to make a weekly theme out of it.

However, I did across this:

Super Christmas gift! Shiny Low Rider. Velvet seat, side mirror, front light and wheely bars. Well taken care of just out grew. $150 or B.O. local delivery if needed. Call Jake or Chris or email me with questions.

I'm skeptical about the "wheelie bar" -- I can't imagine how it would be possible using physics to make this beast do a wheelie. Also banana seats freak me out. But I would like to see this being ridden around by someone. That would make me smile.

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