Tuesday, November 4

The Big Race

Like most epic races, from the Tour de France to the Paris-Roubaix, the 2008 Presidential Race has come down to just two contenders, the rest having been left by the wayside. Teams Sponsors are instead Campaign Donors (or lobbyists). The treacherous mountains are represented by the swing states--anything can happen. But it's the final individual time trial--the race of truth--that will determine the real winner on the Champs-Élysées, or more appropriately, Pennsylvania Avenue.

But like the Grand Tours, this race takes more than just one person--it is a team effort. Whether you support the socially and fiscally conservative GOP which hasn't held to its ideals of less intrusive government and curbing deficit spending, or the Democratic Party which favors universal health care and a generally communitarian view of economics, we're in for a solid race. The Democrats have substantially greater numbers, but can they rouse their base to "Barack the Vote?" Or will they view the election as a forgone conclusion and let DEWEY DEFEAT TRUMAN once again?

I'll be supporting my team--er, party--by taking a ride down to the polls today. It's supposed to be pretty nice out, polls are always close to your house, and you are a jerk if you don't vote, so there's three reasons that you have to bike to the polls, as well.

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