Friday, January 30

Neck Check

When you're feeling a little "off" and you're not sure whether working out will help you get through it, or just make it worse, that's when you do the neck check. If your symptoms are purely above the neck, like a stuffy nose or a headache, you can usually just lighten your workload a little. If the symptoms are below the neck, such as sore muscles or stomach troubles, you should probably abandon the workout all-together.

Or maybe it was the other way around. I forget.

Either way, I've felt like total crap all week. I went to bed Tuesday night and haven't been up since. I even shut off my computer--the sound of the CPU fan was like screaming my my head. Just maintaining consciousness has been a zone 2 workout. I couldn't have told you my name on Wednesday, I forgot. Arg.

In other news, there's some cool stuff coming up in pro racing, the euro races are starting, and in a couple weeks will be the Tour of California, which will feature both Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis. More on that, later.

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