Thursday, January 22

Picking Up the Pieces

Last September, I promised to get as out of shape as possible and then pull it back together for '09. I'd say that phase one of my plan has gone quite well. I've languished for the last few months, now. Hey, I've even noticed an unfamiliar slight squishiness around the mid-section. "Operation Trash Your Fitness" has been a resounding success!

Now, phase two: Picking Up the Pieces. As mentioned on several other blogs, it's all about the trainers and rollers right now, with the temperature in New England averaging about fifteen degrees below absolute zero during the days, and even colder at night. I've had rollers since last year. I got them 'cause... I don't remember why. They are horrible. I can't handle them. Last week I got on them for literally ten seconds. They are intensely loud, they way the rumble on the floors, even with carpeting, so they have to be used in the attic, since I have a third floor apartment. So here I am in the unfurnished, unfinished, dimly lit attic, staring at the wall. I might as well put a giant clock up there. That and I can't really space out, 'cause I'm on the rollers. So I said "F this," and I ordered a trainer from Performance Bike.I got the Travel Trac Century Adjustable Fluid Plus Trainer. I got a killer deal on it, between it being 28% on the site, plus like 10% off from a coupon code, and a gift card I had, so I got it for about half off.

This trainer is awesome. Super-quiet. I can train in my room without transferring much sound in to the floor. It's got a crank so I can adjust it without dismounting. The fluid resistance feels realistic. It's good to be able to write things like "awesome ride" in the training log. Now I can pop in a movie and watch while I bike. Knocking out two-hour training rides is not a problem.

Also, I've joined a gym with good weights, and I'll get a weight training regimen together before next week.

Phase two is under way!

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